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Welcome back

Welcome to all.

New and old customers and a Big Thank you for your patience and continued interest.

It has been a while to get the new site up and running but at last it is here. Lots of new stock, old favourites and hopefully many more topics of interest.

**** Please bear with me whilst I get my inventory online.  I’ve managed to put some of my nicer spheres in the shop, but keep checking back as I make more and more available. ****

I will be adding a Picture Gallery of my own collection with some photographs of crystals that we have sold over the years that have proved interesting and shown other aspects of themselves. There was one that its new owner called the ‘cat crystal’ as in every photograph we took the face of a cat showed itself clearly.
Of course the ‘Angel Crystal’ will stay online as it has proved a favourite with many who have tapped into the energy and received input/connection from the photograph.

I am always happy to hear from you and any enquiries for crystals not listed.

Many more are in stock.

Enjoy the crystals and Blessings.

Crystal Stargazer

Lemurian Seed Crystals – Brazil

Lemurian Seed crystals have been described by Katrina Rahael. They were found in Brazil, seperately in sand and are described as naturally formed generators. Some are clear, pink or smokey and all have a frosted matte appearance very different from the quartz usually found in this area ! They have a unique characteristic of horizontal striated lines that run up the side or sides of the crystal, These can be fine or strong, showing strong ridging or stepped down appearance. Also, other Master Quartz configurations may be present such as Record keeper triangles, lasers, Dow, Tabby etc.

Metaphysically, some of the properties and vibrations are as follows: Said to have been planted by Lemurians within the Earth, they have a specialised purpose, Often used fro gridding and due to the size and shaping, excellent for directing energy whether for protection, working with the chakras.

Pink is the colour that resonates to the Heart Chakra, bringing a loving energy. There is so much more I could say about these crystals but working with them is the best way.   New finds have included more recently a greater variety or intensity of colour that includes:

  • Pink Goddess Lemurians
  • Golden
  • Shamanic Heart
  • Lemurian Dream

Other countries have also now been attributed with Lemurian crystals. A last mention is that some crystals have what has been termed ‘finishing……….meaning that they have been polished sometimes on the sides and /or terminations. Where possible I have tried to acquire natural crystals and you will find that in the description I mention the polishing and how much.


In the online shop we be putting  for sale: Golden. Clear and Pink Crystals. Lemurian spheres. Pink Goddess. Lemurian Dream…




Phenacite is a rare beryllium  mineral which is a silicate that has trigonal symmetry.

Crystals are said to be rare……..flattened rhombohedral to tubular shape (often lens like).Short prismatic slender wands primarily found in Madagascar.

Countries where found include Brazil (Minas Gerais), Burma, Zimbabwe, Russia, Madagascar and Colorado.

Colour ranges from colourless and white but may be tinted pink, yellow, grey and brown.

Phenacite from different countries does have different properties and unique energetic vibrations alongside the general metaphysical blueprint.

Many regard these crystals as being the carrier of the Highest Vibration of known crystals at this time.A powerful activator of the upper chakras, especially the crown and those above the head 8-14 chakras. All types help to activate the ”light body” and to be able to experience existence in the higher dimensions. Also said to initiate contact with the Light Masters and Angelic beings.

Clears, cleanses and activates all chakras being also able to purify body structure, energy centres and pathways.


Madagascan clear Phenacite has the energy resonance that teaches ‘like attracts like”.Encourages understanding, wisdom, serenity, patience, discrimination, forgiveness and love for All. It also has a connection to the realm of materialism that allows for a bringing into actuality what one wishes.

The yellow coloured Phenacite, a powerful tool of rmanifestation and extra-terrestrial flow.

Brazilian Phenacite is believed to have the highest vibration of them all, its association with Angelic feminine energies. Its ‘caretaker’ easily accessed and contact is initiated before any conscious effort.

Russian Phenacite in particular raises group and environmental energies.

Burmese Phenacite has incredible energy and presence.phenaciteRussia07.0 phenaciteBrazil05.0 PhenaciteCrystalsx4Mad6.2

Faceted clear and yellow from Madagascar is said to work the best by some but as with all crystal and vibrational work it is not the size or clarity that always determines the outcome.


We have in stock Madagascan ( prismatic and a few faceted), Russian and Brazilian crystals. If not online please enquire via email.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli………a combination of minerals, this beautiful deep blue stone has always been much prized for its colouration and properties.


Countries of origin are Afghanistan(regarded as the best quality, depth of colour with the addition of gold flecks of pyrite)………also Chile which often tends to be paler, less if any pyrite with more visible white calcite.

Historically, there is much that has been associated with the wearing of lapis and the spiritual properties are many.

As regards the chakras it is primarily a Brow Chakra stone, the deeper colours lending themselves to the indigo frequency and vibration associated here.

It can also be used at the Throat, especially the paler, softer blues.

Add the Solar Plexus Chakra with the gold of Pyrite that can then connect this with the Brow ( its twin).

Here the connection is the Astral body(3) with the Higher Mental(6)…lower will/higher will.

Keywords for Lapis……..just a few !!

  • Awareness
  • Intuition
  • Protection
  • Wisdom
  • Clarity
  • Serenity
  • Self-Acceptance

Lapis has long been associated with jewellery and the wearing of it.