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Candle Quartz (Pineapple) - Madagascar

These Crystals have also been named "Madagascan Celestial Quartz" and "Candle Quartz".

Typically, they have a single central point, its sides covered with may smaller points which gives

it the bumpy appearance of a Pineapple.

The energy and appearance is unique.

They are said to be 2 distinct types :

- The "red" variety which has rust coloured crystals along the sides.

- The "white" variety which is primarily pure white crystals.

Most pieces are single points from 1 1/2 to 3 inches and 1 to 2 inches in diameter, a few larger

single specimens, some are twinned and double-terminated. Clusters are rare.

They have strong metaphysical and healing energies and provide access to the Higher Realms.

You will see from the pictures, the amazing shapes and specialities of these crystals !

Picture close to real size

CandQ-2 :

"White Twin" Pineapple Quartz

This is a "white" variety, translucent to opaque.

Twin crystals with some brownish-yellow iron deposits. Surrounding both crystals are "hundreds" of points and crystals of various sizes.

The picture doesn't show them clearly and doesn't do it justice.

Underneath, there is stronger yellow-brown staining.

Another beautiful and unique example !!!

weight :
258 g (9 oz)

length :
3 inch

width :
2 7/8 inch

depth : 2 5/8 inch

price :
$ 30 p&p extra SOLD

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