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Minerals & Crystals from Brazil

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Diamantina "Star Seed" Crystals

These Crystals have a clarity that is typical of Diamantina quartz. It is especially clear and has a quality all

its own ! It is difficult to accurately describe and photograph. There is no damage or chipping, and as can

be seen, the formations and terminations are perfect. To convey the quality and energy of these crystals,

I do not feel I can do justice, they really do have an essence of their own ...

This selection of Light Smokey and Clear Diamantina also referred to as "Star Seed" Crystals. They have

the beautiful bright clarity and 'Cracked' faces configuration.

Double terminated points are extremely powerful. Ckakra 7th and above. Many have special configurations

associated with Quartz crystals.

Clearer Diamantina ... psychic serenity, celestial interaction, enhances Earth and Cosmic


Cracked faces (these are natural "breaks", yet perfectly healed) within a crystal are frequency receiver

points and have been said to be have been used in past lives. The frequency is attuned to that of the

individual user (being used before can mean by that individual or anyone else).

Those of you who collect quartz crystals will know of the reputation of Diamantina and

will understand and use your intuition and feelings regarding these crystals.

NEW - from the same mine, Smoky Quartz Clusters, amazing Phantoms, Smokey Quartz

Double-Terminated and some new clear Diamantina.

Picture close to real size

DIAM-Q-1 :

Light Smokey Diamantina Quartz Point

Attachment marks where other crystals have broken away and left their impression behind, Self Healing.

Beautiful sparkly and bright clarity typical of Diamantina.

Etched sides.

weight : 462g (1 lb ¼ oz)

length :
4 ¾ inch

width :
2 3/8 inch

depth :
1 ¾ inch

price :
$ 195 p&p extra Sold

Picture close to real size

DIAM-Q-5 :

Clear Quartz Diamantina with "Bridging Crystals"

Internally clear with just a few white wisps.

Very bright and sparkly typical of this type of quartz.

Really lives up to its name and looks like frozen water !

Multiple terminations at the apex giving the appearance of a small Cathedral.

On the sides horizontal striation lines, attachment marks that are self healed and a 'key' configuration.

Also Self-Healed at the base.

weight :
132g (4 ¾ oz)

length :
4 inch

width :
1 3/8 inch

depth : 7/8 inch

price :
$ 60 p&p extra

Picture close to real size

DIAM-Q-6 :

Clear Quartz Diamantina with "Etching" & "Rainbows" Crystal

Internally clear with some white foiling that is denser near the base.

Sides covered with etching, lots of unusual shapes and lines.

Some attachment marks with Self Healing.

Perfect terminations with the apex icy clear, bright and sparkly.

weight :
152g (5 ¼ oz)

length :
4 3/16 inch

width :
1 ¼ inch

depth :
1 ¼ inch

price :
$ 85 p&p extra

Picture close to real size

DIAM-Q-7 :

Clear Quartz Diamantina Crystal

Internally clear with some white foiling that is denser near the base.

Sides covered with etching, lots of unusual markings.

Some attachment marks and self healing.

Also some horizontal striation lines.

Perfect terminations with the apex icy clear.

weight :
223g (8 oz)

length :
4 inch

width :
1 ½ inch

depth :
1 ½ inch

price :
$ 65 p&p extra

Picture close to real size

DIAM-Q-8 :

Clear Quartz Diamantina with large "Channelling" Termination

Icy clear with small amount of white foiling and small fractures giving "Rainbows".

Large 7-sided central "Channeling" termination with a perfect triangle at the back designating this configuration. On this face one 'trigonal' deep indentation.

Perfect terminations with one "Cracked" typical of Diamantina.

Attachment marks with Self Healing.

Etching on the sides and some horizontal striation lines.

Smaller crystal near the base penetrating the main crystal showing some internal formation.

weight :
314g (11 oz)

length :
4 ¾ inch

width :
1 ¾ inch

depth :
1 5/8 inch

price :
$ 90 p&p extra

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